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Bubblebee opens on Princess Anne St

Hey Honey!After taking a look around the gorgeous layout of Bubblebee, it is no surprise that Co-Owner and General Manager Sherry Chen has a background in interior design. Chen’s design talent has transformed the second floor of 1005 Princess Anne Street into a stunning hangout spot for bubble tea, smoothie, and baked good enthusiasts alike.

Bubblebee has an abundance of options for beverages, including milk teas (with bubbles), bee “snow” slushes, yogurt drinks, coffees, and many more. Bubblebee celebrated its grand opening on August 12th, and is now fully open to the public. A native of Fredericksburg since she was 13, Chen decided to open a bubble tea shop in her hometown, along with two of her friends (who are now her partners). Chen wanted to create a “young vibe” with Bubblebee, as a shop that guests, such as University of Mary Washington students, can have a beverage, do homework, or relax with friends. 

Chen implemented her interior design skills into Bubblebee by focusing on the primary color of yellow, along with the “bee” theme that is prevalent throughout the shop. She feels it is important to have fresh ingredients in her drinks, many of which are local ingredients. Chen believes the decorations and recipes for Bubblebee must be top quality to follow through with a successful design, whether that design be edible or inedible. 

Bubblebee also sells a number of baked goods. Many of these baked goods, such as the Japanese Cheesecake, are actually imported from Japan. Other items, such as many Asian cakes, are baked in-house. According to Chen, the main difference between Asian and American desserts is the icings used. Many Asian icings are fruit-based and not as sweet as American icing, which Chen said is a better pairing for the teas sold at Bubblebee. 

According to Chen, guests have been mesmerized by the design and product of Bubblebee; especially those who have never tried bubble tea before. For those who are not quite ready to give bubble tea a try (although they encourage you to do so!), Bubblebee has a number of other drinks to try, such as smoothies and Vietnamese coffee. Chen wants guests to feel comfortable with their choices at Bubblebee, as well as to feature drinks from different Asian students. Guests can order from the counter, as well as an online kiosk. 

As Bubblebee has opened on the block of Princess Anne St, its neighbors, Zynda Apothecary and Mian Noodle House, are run by owners of Asian descent as well. Chen said that these developments and opportunities represent the growing diversity of Fredericksburg. She said that Fredericksburg has evolved wonderfully both in diversity among races, as well as among the Asian community itself (many business owners and residents are from China, Japan, Vietnam, and elsewhere). 

“I’m really to see that diversity came in,” Chen said, as she is thrilled to witness different cultures thriving in Fredericksburg. 

Bubblebee is located on the second floor of 1005 Princess Anne St.