Great spots to enjoy Tacos in Fredericksburg

taco from Juan More TacoFredericksburg has plenty of restaurants to taco ‘bout, and since Wednesday, 10/4 is National Taco Day, we want to celebrate the establishments that serve this beloved, Mexican cuisine. Here are some great spots to find delicious tacos in Fredericksburg:

Agave Bar & Grill: This restaurant next to the Chatham Bridge offers a variety of Mexican meals and cocktails, including some delicious tacos. With four different flavors to choose from, including Tacos De Asada and Tacos Al Pastor, Agave is a wonderful spot to gorge on some authentic tacos. 

Harry’s Downtown: Did you not realize that Harry’s Alehouse serves Street Tacos? If not, then you have been missing out on some delicious Blackened Shrimp or Carnitas tacos. 

Juan More Taco: It’s right there in the name! Juan More Taco specializes in Honduran and Latin American meals, with tacos such as Birria, Chorizo, and Carne Asada available. 

Rey Azteca: Located in Eagle Village, Rey Azteca cooks up some delicious Street Tacos including Campechano and Homemade Al Pastor. 

Sedona Taphouse: The delicious chain restaurant on William Street has three flavors of gourmet tacos, including Acapulco Fish, Southwest Steak, and Santa Fe Shrimp. 

Soup & Taco: One of the most beloved restaurants on Caroline Street specializes in a number of delectable tacos such as Barbacoa, Camaron, Mahi Mahi, and Michoacanos. 

Soup & Taco 2: This restaurant is very similar to Soup & Taco…actually, it is Soup & Taco, but on William Street. One of the taco flavors that is available only at Soup & Taco 2 is Salmon, topped with Chipotle BBQ and cabbage. 

These restaurants are the perfect place to indulge in these extraordinary tacos, and are a great way to enjoy National Taco Day on Wednesday (wow, Taco Wednesday sounds weird). Learn more about exciting Fredericksburg happenings on Facebook.