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2021 Economic Impact of Fredericksburg Tourism

River On October 4th, the Virginia Tourism Corporation (VTC) released a report detailing the economic impact of tourism on the Virginia economy. The commonwealth’s tourism revenue was $25.2 billion for the year of 2021; averaging $69 million a day, Virginia’s tourism revenue marks a recovery of 87% to spending prior to the pandemic. From the total revenue for Virginia, the 2021 economic impact of Fredericksburg tourism was $131.5 million. 

The travel industry impacted the most by tourism in Fredericksburg was Food & Beverage, with a revenue of $54 million. Lodging had the second highest revenue with $26.1 million. The other industries impacted were Retail ($19.5 million), Recreation ($16.7 million), and Transportation ($15.3 million). 

Just as Virginia continues to grow in its awareness as a travel destination, the City of Fredericksburg will continue to do so as well. Fredericksburg Economic Development & Tourism is committed to servicing the community through the economic impact of tourism. EDT hopes that in the coming years, the City of Fredericksburg can reach the pre-pandemic level of tourism economic impact, and soon eclipse that level. 

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