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Central Rappahannock Heritage Center

The Central Rappahannock Heritage Center archives and preserves historical documents and photographs pertaining to the history and people from the counties of Caroline, Stafford, King George, Spotsylvania and the City of Fredericksburg in Virginia.

These five areas share a rich history connected by the Rappahannock River, which linked their vibrant and vital ports. King George County’s Port Conway and Caroline County’s Port Royal faced each other across the river. Twenty miles upriver, the port at Fredericksburg was Spotsylvania County’s shipping hub and just across the river was Falmouth, the port for King George County and Stafford County.

History books fully document Virginia’s famous sons and battlefields, but the founders of The Central Rappahannock Heritage Center believed that our area’s grass-roots history was being lost. So they began collecting all types of historical documents and photographs from the Central Rappahannock Region, from family correspondence and diaries to birth, marriage, genealogy records and local court cases. An amazing array of documents and photographs are being preserved and the information entered into a world-class database that can be searched from this website.

So take a few minutes to delve a bit into the fascinating local history of our region. Whether you have roots in the area or are just a student of Virginia history, you’ll find there is much to learn by searching the CRHC website or paying a visit to our archives at 900 Barton St. Suite 111, Fredericksburg, Virginia, where you can see the original documents for yourself.

items from the archives at the Central Rappahannock Heritage Center
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