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Best Fredericksburg Instagram Spots

Fredericksburg StationWhether you are looking for a scenic view or a unique, lesser-known location, Fredericksburg is a great city for snapping social media pictures. Here are some beautiful Fredericksburg Instagram spots:

  1. Overlook at Chatham Bridge – Since Chatham Bridge was reconstructed two years ago, it has become a favorite spot for gorgeous photos. Snap a pic with the Rappahannock River flowing through the background. 
  2. Dock at Riverfront Park – Chatham Bridge is not the only location to grab a great picture of the Rappahannock. The dock at Riverfront Park is one of the many other spots that perfectly captures the beautiful outdoors of this city. 
  3. Fredericksburg Station – Unbeknownst to many, one of the best views of downtown Fredericksburg is at Fredericksburg Station. Once you have hopped off your Amtrak ride, be sure to take a photo with the Fredericksburg sign, or from above the buildings of downtown. 
  4. Historic Kenmore – One of the most revered and beautiful buildings in Fredericksburg has the gates and gardens that are perfect for a classic Instagram post. 
  5. Sky Bar at Castiglia’s – This beloved Italian restaurant on William Street is home to a stunning rooftop bar. Take a picture of your favorite beverage with a beautiful view from above the city. 
  6. Brick wall next to Benny’s – Benny Vitali’s not only has fantastic New York-style pizza. On the brick wall to the side of Benny’s is a mural that consists of a plus sign, an equal sign, and a heart. With your significant other, stand on either side of the + to make for a heartfelt post that is sure to make your followers jealous. 
  7. Market Square walkway – Market Square, directly behind Fredericksburg Area Museum (FAM), is a gorgeous location for pictures. Even more gorgeous is the walkway from Market Square to Caroline Street, where at night, multicolored lights dance around the sidewalk. These lights make for a beautiful Instagram post, especially with FAM in the background. Market Square
  8. Love Sign at Hurkamp Park – The Fredericksburg Love Sign has been a favorite for pictures for years, and will be a favorite for years to come. While enjoying the Fredericksburg Farmers Market on Saturdays, also make sure to snag a picture in front of the sign. 
  9. Sprelly mural – Sprelly, the beloved gourmet peanut butter shop on Princess Anne Street, has an exterior mural that celebrates the city of Fredericksburg. There is no better way to give Fredericksburg a social media shoutout than to take a picture in front of the mural at Sprelly. 
  10. Bubblebee – What has quickly become a prime destination for bubble tea in Fredericksburg also has an impeccably designed interior. The hip, colorful style of Bubblebee is a great place to take some unique Insta pics. 

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