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Across: A Company 360 Dance Theatre Original

You may see “ACROSS” as a cautionary commentary on division; a theatrical representation of what happens when dissidence foments insoluble difference.

You may even see it as a red flag warning to a world brimming with brinkmanship.

But at root, “ACROSS” is a heart-rending futuristic glimpse into a society in shambles, where the majority of a physically and philosophically separated people sew perpetual hate and despair … as a select few bravely, even desperately, race to mend generational trauma with frayed swatches of love and hope.

A dance show like you’d never expect, with sets of star-crossed lovers separated by a wall incited by man … built by man … and made of men.

Theater Dance
Event Details
Friday, April 21, 2023
6:15pm Door, 7:00pm Curtain
Reed Theatre @ Fredericksburg Academy, 10800 Academy Drive, Fredericksburg, VA