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Herbal Tincture Workshop

Curious about herbal remedies? Join our Tincture Workshop at Herb Harmony!
This beginner-friendly class is perfect for anyone interested in natural health. Led by a certified herbalist, you’ll learn how to create your own herbal tinctures from scratch.
What You’ll Learn:
– Choosing Herbs: How to pick the best herbs for your tinctures.
– Making Tinctures: Simple methods to extract the healing properties of herbs using alcohol,
glycerin, or vinegar.
– Usage and Safety: Tips on how to use your tinctures safely and effectively.
What’s Included:
– All materials and ingredients needed
– Easy-to-follow instructions and recipes
– A tincture you make yourself to take home
Who Should Attend:
– Anyone curious about herbal medicine
– Beginners looking to learn new skills
Let’s start your journey into the world of herbal tinctures with Herb Harmony. Create your own
remedies and take control of your health naturally!

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Event Details
Thursday, August 8, 2024
Hanover Place
205 Hanover St, Fredericksburg, VA 22401, USA