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#FxbgFun with blue fireworks in the background

wear blue Tribute Mile at the Historic Half Marathon

At national races across the country, wear blue builds a powerful tribute display of the fallen service members that embody the communities for whom they served and sacrificed. Photos of fallen service members are followed by full-sized American flags held by our wear blue volunteers. A quiet, reflective memorial, followed by a celebration of lives that will not be forgotten. As a predominately all-volunteer organization, your act of volunteering is invaluable for the success of our mile at this race. Your selfless dedication of time and commitment to our cause both enhance our organization’s ability to serve and leave an indelible mark on the communities we aim to assist. Your investment makes a world of difference in making it possible for us to bring the wear blue Tribute Mile to the Marine Corps Historic Half Marathon in 2024. We welcome all in the community and surrounding areas to join us by volunteering on the wear blue Mile on May 19, 2024, to hold flags in honor of those who died while in service to our country.

You can find a link to our site with information regarding the Historic Half and a volunteer sign-up here.
Signing up on our website ensures you will receive emails with updates and more in depth details. Please take a moment to look around the website to learn more about wear blue: run to remember, our programs, and its impact.

wear blue mile Marine Corps Historic Half May 19
Event Details
Sunday, May 19, 2024
5:30 am-9:30am
by Old Mill Park
Between race miles 9 & 10 on Caroline Street/Riverside Drive