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Carl’s Frozen Custard

Carl's Cone

Guests and residents of Fredericksburg have been savoring an ice cream shop on Princess Anne Street since 1947. Carl’s Frozen Custard is a Fredericksburg delicacy, and has grounded itself as a staple in the city’s history. Founded by Carl Sponseller, this wonderful establishment has been classified as a Virginia Historical Landmark. 

Carl’s is closed during the winter months. When it reopened in February, it did not take me long to swing by. I have been an ice cream and frozen custard connoisseur (or so I wish) for my entire life, and was immensely impressed with my $3 scoop of vanilla in a sugar cone. That is correct: $3! Carl’s is a wonderful, historical, cheap option for dessert in Fredericksburg. 

Carl’s Frozen Custard will be open until November, when it will close once again for the winter. Until then, enjoy all the wonderful treats that Carl’s has to offer. 

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