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Courtyards and Patios in Fredericksburg

Wild Hare GlassAs the rays of sun beam down on Fredericksburg for the summer season,  we felt it fitting to highlight some of our favorite courtyards in downtown Fredericksburg. If it is a brisk summer day, and you are looking for somewhere to sit outside, here are some wonderful spots with courtyards and patios in Fredericksburg:

  1. Courtyard Marriott – Surprised? We assume not; it’s right in the name! During your stay at the Courtyard Marriott, enjoy some sunshine in their back courtyard as you prepare to explore Fredericksburg. 
  2. Curitiba Art Cafe – A hidden gem behind a beloved gem, Curitiba Art Cafe’s tucked away patio is the perfect spot to enjoy an espresso or craft cocktail.
  3. Eileen’s Bakery & Cafe – Eileen’s is a bakery with so much heart, and their courtyard is no exception. Their Whipped Peanut Butter Cake only tastes better when savored on their back patio. 
  4. J. Brian’s Tap Room – In addition to an extraordinary beer selection, J. Brian’s Tap Room has a lovely courtyard behind their restaurant. Enjoy Chicken Rebley sandwich while admiring the ceramic flowers that give this courtyard such character. 
  5. Maggie’s Subs – This delectable sandwich shop courageously stayed open for everyone during the 2022 blizzard; now, during the summer, it is our turn to help them out by enjoying their gorgeous, multi-level courtyard out back!
  6. Ristorante Renato – What was once simply a parking lot, the newest patio in Fredericksburg was recently completed at Ristorante Renato. Enjoy some delicious Italian dishes in their gorgeous outdoor seating.
  7. Wild Hare Cider Pub – This new, delicious cider spot on William Street has possibly the largest patio downtown. Situated between Wild Hare and the surrounding buildings, this patio is the perfect hideaway to sip on a mango habanero cider. 

We cannot wait for you to enjoy these gorgeous courtyards and patios in downtown Fredericksburg. See additional FXBG outdoor dining options.