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Crazy Good Splits available at Sweet Reasons Cupcakes

Sweet Reasons SplitsSweet Reasons Cupcakes, one of the premiere bakeries in Fredericksburg, has a new dessert: Crazy Good Splits, which consist of ice cream, cupcakes, and other delicious toppings. According to co-owner Juli Schafer (and to us as well), the Crazy Good Splits are delicious and perfect for one person. 

Schafer and her husband, who also own Clear Water Fire-Grill in Locust Grove, opened Sweet Reasons in 2011, in a Central Park building across the street from their current location (which they opened in 2020). 

“We love Central Park,” Schafer said. “It’s a go-to spot, you can knock out so many things…we’ve been really happy here for 11 years.”

Sweet Reasons started by baking and selling cupcakes and cheesecakes, and have since expanded to so many amazing desserts, including the Crazy Good Splits. Made with their cupcakes and Blue Bell ice cream, Sweet Reasons started selling their line of Crazy Good Splits in July. In addition to a monthly special and build-your-own, the Split flavors are Caramel Chameleon, Cookies & Cream, and It’s Your Birthday. 

The Crazy Good Split is a scrumptious addition to the incredible lineup of desserts and Sweet Reasons Cupcakes. Sweet Reasons is located at 1911 Carl D. Silver Parkway. Follow them on Facebook