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Destination FXBG – Fun Land of Fredericksburg’s Patriot Plunge and The Flip Side

Fun Land Flip SideLast year, I was fortunate enough to get a preview of Fun Land’s Sky Trail & Zipline. Fun Land of Fredericksburg consistently innovates its attractions and awes its guests, and the Sky Trail was no exception. As of a few weeks ago, Fun Land has continued its innovation with two exciting new rides: Patriot Plunge and The Flip Side. 

When Fun Land debuted these rides two weeks ago, I was fortunate enough to give them a ride. Patriot Plunge is a medium-sized, spinning drop tower. Its drops and spins are very fun, but not over-the-top in its thrills. In other words, this ride is perfect for kids of all ages.  I had a blast on this exciting ride. 

In addition, The Flip Side. Oh boy. If you are looking for a scarier ride than Patriot Plunge, take the five foot walk over to The Flip Side, a ride that not only spins you, but flips you upside down in the process. I have always enjoyed my time at Fun Land, but never did I expect to be truly scared by a ride. The Flip Side proved me wrong. It is not only scary, but wonderfully exhilarating. 

Fun Land has proved itself as a premiere destination in Fredericksburg. With Patriot Plunge and The Flip Side, Fun Land of Fredericksburg has managed to one-up (or even two-up) itself; which, after Sky Trail and Thunder Speedway, is a spectacular accomplishment.  

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