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Destination FXBG – Selfie Flick Studios

Selfie Image

As I walked into the FXBG Selfie Museum, I was not sure of what I would experience. Would there be painted backdrops for pictures? Or just cool selfie photos that others have taken? Instead, I was immersed into a full, interactive museum, the focus of which is a number of rooms for all sorts of amazing photos. 

“You can be very creative in your own museum,” Tonisha Payne, CEO of Selfie Flick Studios, said. She and her husband, Darion Payne, opened the FXBG Selfie Museum this past May. I was fortunate enough to catch an early glimpse of this creative endeavor, and was immediately captivated by the intricacy of detail that the Paynes have poured into each room of this museum. 

Tonisha began her career as a paralegal, but never felt the passion that she once had for her childhood love of photography. She always loved taking pictures, and in this new phase of her career, Selfie Flick Studios has been the perfect opportunity for her to channel that passion. 

“If you’re gonna do something, do something you love,” she said. 

The Paynes were inspired by museums such as Selfie World, which has become a nationwide franchise. While there are similar museums in Woodbridge and Richmond, Darion believes the Selfie Museum provides local residents of Fredericksburg with the perfect spot for creative photos, while not having to drive too far. 

The rooms in the Selfie Museum are flashy, creative, and richly detailed; in other words, they are perfect for selfies! There was a point in my selfie process that I was posing in a tiara. I also sat on a pile of cash and gold bars, and played with giant bubbles in a bathtub (the bathtub room is a favorite of Tonisha’s). 

I found the Selfie Museum to be a wonderful outlet for photography, and cannot see the other rooms that Selfie Flick Studios create in the coming years. Give them a follow on Facebook.