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Destination FXBG – Wine & Design Fredericksburg

Wine & DesignAs my girlfriend, Marissa and I entered Wine & Design Fredericksburg, a painting studio on Sophia Street (across from Brock’s Riverside Grill), the smell of art materials, and the sounds of sweet Holiday tunes were lovely and welcoming. The theme of the night was Starry Sleigh Ride, featuring Santa’s sleigh scaling over Vincent Van Gogh’s Starry Night. The design of the painting had already been sketched onto each of our canvases; the artists of Wine & Design were kind enough to provide those of us (aka ME) who are not the best painters with a helpful template. However, by the time we left the class, I felt more confident in my artistic capabilities than I ever had before. 

Included in our tickets to Wine & Design were two alcoholic beverages each; I stuck to beer, and Marissa enjoyed champagne and a glass of wine. Wine & Design also offers cider, canned cocktails, frozen drinks, and non-alcoholic beverages as well. 

We began the class by learning how to utilize both the water and paints provided to us, and soon enough, we began to paint the dark skies of Starry Sleigh Ride. Our lead artist, Savannah, was kind enough to delicately guide us through the artistic process. Savannah was an excellent teacher, and brought out an artist in both Marissa and I that we never thought possible. 

After painting the skies, we filled in the moon, the snowy mountains, and eventually the silhouette of Santa’s sleigh. While finishing up the trees and snowflakes of my painting, I took a few seconds to appreciate just how much better my artwork was compared to the sculptures and paintings I wrecked in middle school. Those works of art were travesties, and my Wine & Design painting was truly…certainly the “piece” part of masterpiece. Regardless, I was happy with my work. 

Marissa and I were thrilled with the guidance of Savannah, whose artistry and hospitality shined that night. We had a wonderful time at Wine & Design, exemplified by the photo above of my completed painting. As you can clearly see, the white slopes of the mountains demonstrate the cold feeling of modern society, and the shining moon represents the calming presence that all of us have the ability to feel. You may not have any idea what I’m talking about, but do not fret: I don’t either. That’s what makes it art. 

Wine & Design is located at 502 Sophia Street. Follow them on Facebook