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Downtown Fredericksburg Cookie Crawl

Cookie Crawl LogoOn Saturday, December 16h, even more excitement will be added to Holidays in Fredericksburg: the second annual Downtown Fredericksburg Cookie Crawl.

From 4:00-8:00 pm, participating retailers will be handing out sweet treats and cookies downtown Check-in for the event will be at the Fredericksburg Visitor Center, where you will receive your sweet treats tin, as well as hot chocolate and a map of participating businesses. Your goal is to collect a tin of a dozen treats, which we cannot wait for you to savor!

Proceeds from the Cookie Crawl will benefit Fredericksburg Main Street, an organization focused on supporting the local community through events. The Cookie Crawl is also a fantastic way to support these local businesses, as well as the local restaurants and bakeries who prepared these delicious treats. Downtown Fredericskburg Cookie Crawl is a wonderful event for the whole family, and we are excited for you to participate. 

The Fredericksburg Visitor Center is located at 706 Caroline Street. Purchase tickets here