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Marine Corps Historic Half

Every May, Fredericksburg, Virginia hosts the Marine Corps Historic Half Marathon, dubbed “the greatest half in history”.  The course covers 13.1 miles of the city, including parts of historic Downtown and the infamous “Hospital Hill”.  Cheering crowds and members of the US Marine Corps line the streets to support runners.  Local businesses, including a number of veteran owned businesses, are proud to support the runners.  In addition to the Historic Half Marathon, events include the Semper 5ive five-mile race (which include Hospital Hill) and the Devil Dog Double, where runners run both races consecutively.

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Historic Half Marathon Weekend 2023

Plan a whole weekend in Fredericksburg! Arrive on Friday and stop by the Fredericksburg Expo Center for packet pickup. Be sure to stop by the FXBG booth to pick up maps and guides. Spend the rest of Friday and Saturday exploring the city and its history, eating at local chef-owned restaurants, and taking in the art and scenic outlooks. On Sunday, conquer Hospital Hill and Run with the Marines in the 16th Annual Marine Corps Historic Half, Semper 5ive and Devil Dog Double. Afterwards, celebrate at a local craft brewery, meadery or one of the other local watering holes.

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Maps/Parking Info

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​​🗺️ Road Closure List

​​🗺️​ Historic Half Course Map

​​🗺️​ Semper5ive Course Map

​​🗺️​ Devil Dog Double Course Map

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Fredericksburg has over 40-chef owned restaurants and plenty of well known national chains. Proper fueling is an important part of any race training program. Use the icons to help identify restaurants for breakfast/brunch 🍳, lunch 🥪 and dinner 🥩, restaurants with outdoor seating 🏡, restaurants good for carb loading 🍝, and restaurants with gluten-free, vegan/vegetarian options 🥗.

Coffee Shops

Sometimes you need a good jolt of caffeine!  Fredericksburg’s got you covered.

Weekend Activities

Explore the many facets of Fredericksburg based on your particular interests:

Post-Race Celebration and Recovery
Breweries, Meadery and Restaurants

Treat yourself to a celebratory libation at a local watering hole:


Enjoy a massage at Collage SpaDermaEnVieSpavia or other local spas

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