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Memorial Day in Fredericksburg

Every Memorial Day, Fredericksburg honors those who gave their life in service of their country.  As many sites around Fredericksburg were involved in four distinct battles during the Civil War, there are a number of events commemorating those who were lost during those battles.  The National Parks Service’s Luminaria at the Fredericksburg National Cemetery is one of the most well known and visually stunning observances of Memorial Day in Fredericksburg.  Other events commemorate those with local connections to Fredericksburg who made the ultimate sacrifice for the country.

29th Annual Fredericksburg National Cemetery Memorial Luminaria

May 25, 2024 – 8pm to 11pm at the Fredericksburg National Cemetery – 1013 Lafayette Blvd
More than 15,300 candles will light the Fredericksburg National Cemetery honoring those who gave their lives for their country.
The program includes a historical walking tour to view the thousands of lighted candles. Each honors one of the soldiers buried in the cemetery, situated atop the battlefield landmark Marye’s Heights.
Taps will play by a bugler every 30 minutes.

Parking is limited.
Handicap parking is available at the Fredericksburg Battlefield Visitor Center. There will be golf cart transportation available for those who need assistance to get to the cemetery.

Pets are not permitted in the cemetery.

Here’s a full list of Memorial Day events and observances in Fredericksburg

As events are announced, we will continue to update this page.