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Public Art

The public sculptures and murals around the city provide opportunities for inspiration, reflection and remembrance.


The City of Fredericksburg installs an annual display of road side sculptures in the City’s Public Sculpture Project.

These sculptures are on loan from the artists for a year at a time. They are designed to enhance gateway areas of the city and are displayed at key locations for both vehicle and pedestrian visibility. These artworks provide an unexpected and unique opportunity to view art in our city.

For more information on these sculptures, visit and watch an interview with Preston Thayer, director of Fredericksburg’s Public Sculpture Project.

public art sculpture map
artist polishing the sculpture "Beacon"


by Michael Alfano
Fall Hill Ave.

artist assembling "Re: Aman"

Re: Aman

by Anthony Heinz May
Caroline at Old Mill Park

Three Musketeers sculpture

Three Musketeers

by Micahel Bednar
Wolfe Street Triangle

Moon Song sculpture

Moon Song

by Patrick Andrews
Caroline Street at VRE

Green Piece sculpture

Green Piece

by Nathan Pierce
Dixon Park


Public murals reflect the history, culture, scenery, artistic talent and whimsy of the city.

1. Greetings From Fredericksburg

Located on the side of Sammy T’s. Painted by artists Sophia Constantine and Bill Harris, depicting Fredericksburg landmarks and well known community members including Mayor Mary Katherine Greenlaw.

2. Spencer Devon

Located on the back corner of the former Spencer Devon Brewing building. Painted by artist Bill Harris, depicts colonial diners and brew making next to their modern equivalent.

3. Battle of Fredericksburg

Painted by Miranda Reynolds, this mural honors the 17,000 killed during the 1862 Battle of Fredericksburg with 17 leaves.

4. Johnny Johnson Mural

Painted by artist Bill Harris, depicting celebrated local artist Johnny Johnson and several of his paintings. The phrase “Bill is Great!”, in honor of the mural artist, was added by Johnny Johnson himself.

5. Fredericksburg Est. 1728

Created in 2012 by artist Mirinda Reynolds. Located on the side of Bike Works, the modern day figure with a bicycle is looking down over a view of the city as it may have looked in 1728, before bicycles were invented.

6. Welcome to the Old Mill District

Painted by Miranda Reynolds and finished in 2015, includes a depiction of the Virginia Electric and Power Co.’s Embrey Power Station and is meant to be a welcome sign to those entering Fredericksburg from Rt. 1.

7. Canal Quarter Arts Mural

8. Muck Rock

Located on the side of Freddy’s Donuts. Created in 2020 by Los Angeles-based graffiti muralist named Jules Muck (whose Instagram handle is “Muck Rock”). Read more about this mural and how it came to be.

9. Liberty Town

Located on the side of Liberty Town Arts.

10. Sunken Well Tavern

Two murals at Sunken Well Tavern by local artists Bill Harris and Gabriel Pons were finished in 2020. The first depicts a woman hugging a cheeseburger with the restaurant’s slogan “Eat Well, Drink Well, Live Well.” The second depicts an otter, a symbol for the restaurant, holding a cheeseburger with the message “Wishing you well from The Sunken Well.

11. Nurture Diversity, Cultivate Harmony

This community project was an initiative by the Multicultural OutReach Effort. The plaque next to the mural states “Various colors, materials, textures and cultures have been combined to create this unified work of art, where one color and shape enhances the other and supports the affirming message ‘Nurture Diversity’ and ‘Cultivate Harmony’. … The mirrors in the mural reflect their viewers, who in turn, become an integral part of the mosaic.”

12. Farmers Creamery

The mural is viewable from Jackson Street. Watch this video about the history of the creamery and how the space is currently used.

13. 25 30 Espresso

Located on the side of 25 30 Espresso.

14. Downtown Greens

Located on the headquarters for Downtown Greens.