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Find your summer reading at Riverby Books

Corey Ikhid - RiverbyNo downtown is complete without a cherished used book store, such as Riverby Books on Caroline Street. This summer, there is no better place to stock up on vacation books than Riverby. Corey Ikhid has been a Book Seller at Riverby for two years. After working at Barnes & Noble, he said his move to Riverby has been a rewarding experience. 

“I wanted something a bit more personal and a bit more cozy,” Ikhid said, “and I get that experience working here.”

According to Ikhid, Riverby’s focus on used books allows guests to not only purchase books, but sell them as well. He believes this system provides a sense of community at the store, as they have a lot of regulars who consistently come through. 

Ikhid has always been an avid reader, and said that working at Riverby has increasingly grown his love of reading. He said that since he began the job, he has read far more than he did while working at other book stores. Behind the counter at Riverby is a cubby that consists of all the books that the staff are planning to read, Ikhid included; needless to say, that cubby is pushing maximum capacity. 

Ikhid said that used book stores have unique, rare books that guests would not find at chain stores. 

“We try to carry more of the niche stuff,” he said. 

Riverby Books is a beloved landmark in Fredericksburg, providing guests with niche (or mainstream) reading materials that adds to a wonderful downtown trip. Learn more about selling books to Riverby

Riverby Books is located at 805 Caroline Street. Follow them on Facebook.