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Fredericksburg Model-A-Car Tours begins this August

Fredericksburg Model-A-Car ToursThis August, a new, exciting tour will be making its way through the streets of downtown Fredericksburg. Fredericksburg Model-A-Car Tours will offer a 15-20 minute tour of the city via a Ford Model-A Depot Car, which was built circa between 1927-1931. 

Operated by Katrina Rae Canfield, the Model-A-Car Tour will have a maximum capacity of six passengers per tour. This tour, in a Huckster wagon-style car, will provide guests with an efficient experience that will take them through the stories of historic Fredericksburg sites. It will also allow riders to take a glimpse at the bustling stores, restaurants, and businesses that downtown has to offer. 

Model-A-Car Tours will be primarily stationed in downtown Fredericksburg. While the tours will operate on a schedule, the car is able to pick up riders at the Fredericksburg Visitor Center, and drop them off at a desired location following the tour. The car is also available for special events such as weddings, photo shoots, and pub crawls. 

Fredericksburg Model-A-Car Tours is an exciting, unique addition to the tours of Fredericksburg, and will be sure to delight riders come August.