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Fun Formulations – How Fun Land of Fredericksburg is Innovating

Clint with Beer

Exciting projects are afoot at Fun Land of Fredericksburg. Not only will you be able to drive their two-story go-kart track or scale their Clip and Climb walls, soon you can also…no, not ride the Volcano Blast Coaster from Kings Dominion. That was an online April Fools Joke that according to Clint Novak, General Manager of Fun Land, was blown out of proportion. While Novak wishes Fun Land could some day house a full roller coaster, he quickly put the Volcano rumor to bed.

As it turns out, the three projects coming soon to Fun Land are more practical, but also more exciting.  Recently, Fun Land opened a new patio at their location, where they are selling beer and wine. The cafe and snack bar of Fun Land is transforming into Tailgaters Sports Grill, a higher quality and quick-service restaurant. Tailgaters is currently in construction, expanding the cafe’s seating to include more tables indoors, as well as garage doors that will open into a patio. The biggest impact and goal, Novak said, is to hopefully sell alcohol down the line.

Fun Land also recently installed a Sky Trail ropes course over their arcade. This one-level, 12-foot course features 21 different obstacles, including a zip line. According to Novak, they have been interested in building a ropes course for four years. After seeing the finished product and success of the course at their location in Fairfax, they wanted to finally install the course in Fredericksburg.

That most daunting and extensive project, however, will be coming to Fun Land in the spring of 2023: a drop tower with two different rides. The first ride will drop guests from 120 feet, while the other side will shoot and spin guests up and down the tower. The drop tower will be located in the outdoor section of the park, and is currently undergoing the permit process.

Novak is proud of the impact Fun Land has had on Fredericksburg over the years. He pointed out Fun Land’s contribution to the local job market, as they employ and train hundreds of new employees every year. They also pour taxes into the local economy, strengthening this city. But Novak believes that their biggest contribution to the city is establishing Fun Land as a destination that guests come to from outside the area. “When I say ‘come here,’ Novak says, “I don’t mean Fun Land of Fredericksburg. I mean the city of Fredericksburg.” He believes that those who visit Fun Land are also checking out other destinations in Fredericksburg, therefore building its name across the state and East Coast. And he believes that with these new projects, even more guests will come to Fredericksburg.

“We’re always hoping to redefine ourselves,” Novak said, “And move into a direction of improvement.” For instance, Novak recognizes that the Fun Land cafe was due for improvement, as it has not been as popular as other areas of the park. Novak and his team have since learned how to operate a restaurant, and are in the process of opening one within Fun Land. “If you don’t do anything over the course of ten years, people stop coming,” he said. “You always have to change yourself.”

And when it comes to the new projects at Fun Land, Novak is excited to move forward. “I’m a coaster enthusiast,” he said. “When I experience [attractions], and they really thrill me, I say ‘wouldn’t this be great if I could have it in my park?’” And thanks to Novak and his team, you can check out these Fun Land projects in 2022 and 2023.