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FXBG After Dark – Agave Bar & Grill

Agave BarLast Saturday, I accompanied my girlfriend, Marissa, to a night out with her co-workers, starting at Agave Bar & Grill. What began as a night of small talk about professions and golf between co-workers and their partners ended with us savoring the extraordinary cocktails and margaritas of Agave. Frozen Margaritas…and a line of 31 tequilas. We enjoyed ourselves. 

Agave is the passion project of Oscar Arellano, who has worked in the kitchens of Fredericksburg restaurants for years. His experience and talent is on full display at his new establishment, which opened back in June. The food is other-worldy; I had their delicious chicken chimichangas, and was truly impressed with my order. The food came in a timely manner, thanks to exemplary service; not bad for a table of ten. 

Now, let’s talk booze. As a craft beer lover, I was thrilled to order the delicious Devil’s Backbone Juicy Magic IPA on tap (I respect an establishment that keeps the IPAs local). Marissa was thrilled with her Paloma, a cocktail on the rocks consisting of grapefruit soda, lime juice, and Jimador Silver tequila, topped off with a salted rim. 

I was excited to see a Jalapeno Margarita on their menu; I used to specialize in a Pineapple Jalapeno Marg during my bartending days, and this delicious (or me, nostalgic) concoction at Agave did not disappoint.  There was not a member of our group who did not enjoy the delicious drinks made for us by the extraordinary bartenders of Agave. The drinks were something special. 

For the rowdy crowds, Agave is not the place to be…not that we encourage rowdiness anyway (it’s annoying). For those of you who are going out for a chill night and delectable cocktails, I cannot recommend Agave enough. It is the perfect spot to start your night out, or end your soon-to-be night in. Enjoy. 

Agave is open until 11pm on Fridays and Saturdays.