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FXBG After Dark – Curitiba Art Cafe

Curitiba Dark and StormyThis past Saturday night, my girlfriend, Marissa and I walked into Curitiba Art Cafe to enjoy the music of local artist Chauncey Fortune. Cori Blanch, co-owner of Curitiba, is himself an accomplished musician, and actively works to elevate new, unique, and diverse voices in the local music scene. Blanch’s focus on indie music, along with his and co-owner Megan Samples’ success with their business, make Curitiba Art Cafe an exceptional spot for a Saturday night. 

Marissa and I ordered drinks at the Curitiba bar; Samples, the previously mentioned co-owner, was kind enough to bartend for the night. I ordered an IPA from Heavy Seas Brewery, and Marissa ordered what she now considered to be the best Dark and Stormy that she has ever tasted. We sat down next to the bar, where Samples continued to make drinks; the pleasant, burning aroma of her Old Fashioned added to the warm, comforting atmosphere of Curitiba. 

As Blanch helped Chauncey Fortune and his band set up for their evening performance, Marissa noted to me that she was having the most fun out-on-the-town in Fredericksburg than she had in a long time. As the music began, that fun was further extrapolated. Chauncey Fortune’s mellow, acoustic sound engaged the audience, and each of our nights was better hearing such wonderful music. 

It is not lost on me that the extraordinary atmosphere, drinks, and music of Curitiba Art Cafe is by meticulous design. Blanch and Samples have created a nightlife environment that anyone can enjoy. We did not come to Curitiba for a night of head-banging or raving. We came to enjoy some remarkably crafted cocktails, and listen to comforting, beautiful music. Thanks to Curitiba Art Cafe, that is exactly what we experienced. 

Curitiba Art Cafe is located at 919 Caroline Street, and is open until 9pm on Fridays, and 10-:30pm on Saturdays. Follow them on Facebook.