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FXBG After Dark – Rebellion Bourbon Bar & Kitchen

Griffin StallardIn the heart of downtown Fredericksburg, right on William Street, resides Rebellion Bourbon Bar & Kitchen. Rebellion is known for its wide variety of top shelf bourbons, as well as delectable meals. And as the bar scene grows in Fredericksburg, whether you are a cocktail enthusiast or a UMW student (of age, of course), Rebellion is a wonderful option for a night on the town. 

Last Friday, my girlfriend Marissa and I swung by Rebellion to experience the drinks, service, and atmosphere that they provide. Both of us were impressed with the extraordinary service provided to us by the bartender, particularly in the midst of a bustling start to the weekend. I sipped on a hoppily delicious IPA from Aslin Beer Company, while Marissa gave a few cocktails a try; I, of course, may have snuck a few tastes of these cocktails. You know…for work purposes. 

Of all the drinks Marissa and I enjoyed, perhaps the most delicious was the Barrel Aged Ol’ Fashioned. What sets this impressive concoction apart from most old fashioneds is that Rebellion ages the cocktail in barrels, causing it to take on oak flavors and smokiness from the charred barrel. In addition to offering barrel-aged cocktails, Rebellion’s bourbon and whiskey list includes exclusive, one-of-a-kind barrel selects they worked with renowned distilleries such as Maker’s Mark, Catoctin Creek and Fredericksburg’s very own A. Smith Bowman to create a new line of bourbon. It is this commitment to exclusivity and quality spirits that make Rebellion’s beverages so exquisite. 

The staff of Rebellion also deserves praise, for being both hospitable to us on a busy Friday night, as well as maintaining their commitment to the establishment itself. In the midst of COVID-19 and a labor shortage in the hospitality industry, according to Rebellion Partner Joel Griffin, the staff has remained loyal and focused on making Rebellion an exemplary location in Fredericksburg. Griffin believes that the staff, through their diligence during the pandemic and determination since, are the backbone of Rebellion.

Rebellion is a passion project for Griffin, a bourbon lover himself, who came onto the Rebellion team as an investor. He has enjoyed experiencing and seeing the growth of Rebellion, as both a bar for bourbon lovers and a destination location. Griffin brought in David Stallard as the Vice President of Operations; with his extensive background in the hospitality industry, Stallard has provided Rebellion with the strength needed to succeed in the food and beverage business. Stallard’s emphasis on top-notch hospitality is abundantly clear that Griffin’s vision of a spirits-focused restaurant is alive and thriving. 

Griffin has been thrilled with the success of opening a business in Fredericksburg. As the doors are opened during the summer season, he loves having guests walk in and enjoy Rebellion for the first, second, or tenth time.

“Fredericksburg is a great community to live and work in, and we are grateful to be able to contribute to its growing foodie scene with Rebellion,” Griffin said.

And as Fredericksburg grows in its scene of bars, restaurants, breweries, and many other libational options, our experience at Rebellion will always remain a special place in our hearts.

Rebellion is now open for lunch everyday, and serves brunch on Saturday and Sunday mornings. They recently acquired the NFL package, and will be showing the games throughout the week. Follow Rebellion on Facebook