FXBG After Dark: Reclaim Arcade

Reclaim ArcadeReclaim Arcade is known for its retro arcade games and pinball machines, but many guests 21+ may not realize the extraordinary bar option that Reclaim offers. For better or worse (mainly better) last Friday I got to enjoy the delicious drinks of Reclaim Arcade. 

I arrived at Reclaim with my girlfriend, Marissa, and friend, Dalton. Once each of us paid the $15 entry fee, we played games such as Super Mario Bros, Galaga, and Terminator 2, reminding ourselves that arcade games are not where our strengths lie. Nevertheless, we had a wonderful time. 

I sipped on a draft New Belgium Voodoo Ranger Spicy Pumpkin Ale, which was delicious (especially considering I am not a pumpkin connoisseur). I noticed that none of their fine selection of draft and canned beers cost over $7; what a steal! 

Dalton and I finished up the night playing skee ball, and learned shortly thereafter that neither of us play a mean pinball (get the reference?). But our time at Reclaim was unique, refreshing, and a total blast. Reclaim Arcade is a wonderful location to enjoy a libational weekend night, where you can also embarrass your friends (or yourselves) in Pac-Man. 

Reclaim Arcade is located at 2324 Plank Rd. Follow them on Facebook

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