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FXBG After Dark – Vivify Burger Bar & Lounge

Vivify FrontAlong William Street are two neighboring, beautiful rooftop bars. One of these spots, Sky Bar at Castiglia’s, is a city favorite that attracts countless spring, summer, and early autumn guests to enjoy the weather, view, and drinks. But its neighbor is just as fun: Vivify Burger Bar & Lounge has a rooftop bar that is casual and beautiful, paired perfectly with delicious drinks. 

My girlfriend, Marissa and I spent the first day of June on Vivify’s rooftop bar in a fitting fashion for the month: a Fredericksburg Pride Celebration. We were excited to support the LGBTQ+ community, all while enjoying some savory food and drinks. 

I stuck to my usual IPA, while Marissa sipped on a Capri-Sun. No, not the Capri-Suns that you enjoyed in grade school, but not too far off, either. Vivify serves their Capri-Suns in a pouch, with a little bit of liquor mixed in…maybe more than a little bit. Marissa adores this drink, both for its flavor and its nostalgia  (mainly its nostalgia). 

It was a busy, festive night at Vivify. Local small business owner Brian Lam was guest bartending, and we saw plenty of friendly, familiar faces. We were all there to celebrate pride, while also taking in just how gorgeous of a location the Vivify bar is. The cocktails were great, the food was delicious, and the IPAs were, as always, refreshing. We cannot wait to head on back to Vivify, and we thank Vivify for hosting such a wonderful event. 

Vivify Burger Bar & Lounge is located at 314 William Street. Follow them on Facebook.