FXBG Peeps Show with yellow duck peep on the left and pink rabbit peep on the right. Hand drawn purple Fredericksburg skyline in the background

FXBG Peeps will be back in 2024!


Show Dates:
Summer of 2024 – dates tbd

Show Location info:
FXBG Visitor Center Auditorium


Follow us on social @VisitFXBG for 2024 show announcement and registration.

diorama of peeps in front of carl's ice cream

2023 Winners:

Best in Show 
Linda Moore

Peep-les Choice Award
Linda Moore

Children’s Category
1st place – Trevor Heden
2nd place – Franklin Street Peeps
3rd place – Harrison Bochat

Adult Category
1st place – Richard Johnsen & Melanie Kito
2nd place – Ann Waters
3rd place – Lydia Grande

Family Category
1st place – Waranis Family
2nd place – Kassock Family

PEEPS® and the PEEPS® chick and bunny shapes are trademarks of Just Born, Inc.

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