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Gifted Boutique

Gifted stuffsFredericksburg’s shopping scene is exemplified by a number of gorgeous, unique boutiques. Gifted Boutique, located on Caroline Street, is a lovely example of the wonderful shopping available in this city. 

Gifted sells a vast assortment of beautiful goods including books, puzzles, apparel, and coffee mugs. Their products have a range of uses including for Bath & Body, Mental & Emotional, Spiritual & Environmental, Social & Recreational, Retail, Market, and Gift. One of the categories that Gifted claims is Plant Therapy, featuring peaceful, mindful accessories and holders for plants of your choosing. 

Clothing at Gifted ranges from casual blouses to comfy slippers, and is perfect for current springwear. They also have an assortment of beautiful jewelry and accessories, including a pendant necklace and cute envelope wallets. 

Gifted Boutique is a stunning addition to the line of Fredericksburg boutiques. Follow them on Facebook.