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Haley’s Honey Meadery FXBG – A lovely tasting room for honey wine

Haley's Meade

In the Canal Quarter District of Fredericksburg, what was once an aging gas station has been transformed into a unique tasting room for mead. Perhaps you have seen this meadery. Perhaps you have already been. Regardless, residents of Fredericksburg have begun to savor the delicious drinks of Haley’s Honey Meadery. And for connoisseurs of mead (also known as ‘honey wine’), owner Tonya Haley’s new location serves as the only meadery between Washington, D.C. and Richmond. 

“We’re a destination spot,” Haley said. 

Haley grew up in a family of beekeepers. Her family owned over 500 beehives, and sold honey to local businesses . After earning her master’s degree, Haley noticed that the trade of beekeeping was in a decline. She started to teach beekeeping, holding beekeeping groups at college campuses, and selling honey at farmers’ markets and festivals. Eventually, Haley transitioned her beekeeping skills to making mead. 

After opening the Haley’s Honey Meadery Hopewell location in 2018, Haley’s business experienced over a year of great success. Once the COVID-19 quarantine was enacted, Haley decided to buy a trolley and sell to-go drinks. This action allowed the meadery to survive the pandemic, and open up its second location in Fredericksburg. Wanting to have a good amount of outdoor seating, Haley chose the gas station in the Canal Quarter District as her location. While the 60 beehives owned by Haley are all in Hopewell, Haley’s Honey Meadery FXBG has served as a wonderful tasting room for both local patrons who are new to the game, and lifelong lovers of mead. Guests can enjoy mead on tap, as well as a number of delectable mixed drinks. 

While the process of making mead is similar to making wine, grapes are not used. Instead, with a base ingredient of honey, Haley likes to use different types of fruit. Her two new flavors, Pineapple and Plum, are perfect for the season of spring. Haley is also experimenting with new ingredients and flavors, including habaneros, herbs, chocolate, and rosebuds. What separates her meadery from others, Haley says, is her usage of natural, Virginia products. All of her fruits and ingredients are local, and according to Haley, these products provide Haley’s Honey Meadery with an authentic, delicious, unmatched taste. 

Haley’s Honey Meadery FXBG is located at 1600 Princess Anne St. Follow them on Facebook.