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FXBG - City of Fredericksburg, VA

Historic Sites and People

The authenticity of Fredericksburg’s historic sites is unmatched throughout the state of Virginia. We are proud to be the childhood home of President George Washington, but there is much more rich history that has defined this great city. Fredericksburg is known for its history, but experiencing the city in person is the only way to fully grasp just how rich and vivid that history is.

Profiles of Historic People in Fredericksburg

Historic Sites Podcasts and Vodcasts

Sunken Road: Battlefield

Join Historian Frank O’Reilly for a walking tour of the restored Sunken Road at Fredericksburg.


Sunken Road: Homeplace

Join John Hennessy to explore the homeplaces that stood along the Sunken Road — looking at the battle from the civilians’ perspective.


City of Hospitals

John Hennessy walks the streets of Fredericksburg, exploring the sites that became hospitals during the Civil War.



Historian Donald Pfanz takes you on a tour of the grounds at Chatham, a 1771 plantation caught in a swirl of military activity.


A Slave’s World

Explore the world and words of John Washington, a slave for 24 years in Fredericksburg.


Spotsylvania Courthouse

John Hennessy explores the area around Spotsylvania Courthouse and the experience of Spotsylvania civilians during the Civil War.