National Pizza Day in Fredericksburg

pizza and wine at Orofino“I love pizza so much, I get excited when I see the word plaza.” – Mike Birbiglia 

Fredericksburg has a number of wonderful, eclectic restaurants that make delicious pizza. In honor of National Pizza Day in Fredericksburg next Thursday, February 9th, here are six wonderful spots to order a slice (or full pie):

  1. Benny Vitali’s – There is no better way to celebrate National Pizza Day than to order a slice that is bigger than your head. This New York style pizza joint on Caroline Street sells slices that are as delicious as they are gargantuan. 
  2. Castiglia’s Italian Restaurant – While it may be a tad chilly to sit up in the Sky Bar at Castiglia’s, that chill gives you the perfect excuse to enjoy one of their hot, delicious pizzas. 
  3. Mellow Mushroom – This delicious chain is known for their extraordinary, stone-baked pizzas. Head over to Mellow Mushroom on National Pizza Day to give their Funky Q Chicken or Holy Shiitake pizzas a try. 
  4. My Wife’s Pizza & Diner – Head on down Princess Anne Street to enjoy My Wife’s Pizza. This passion project, and now delicious restaurant, is owned by a local couple who pour their hearts into each of their pizzas. 
  5. Orofino – While Orofino is known for their gourmet pastas (and deservedly so), their pristine wood-fired oven cooks up some delicious, authentically Italian pizzas. National Pizza Day is the perfect excuse to gorge on these delicious, wood-fired pizzas. 
  6. Primavera Pizzeria & Grill – This traditional, authentic pizzeria on William Street is great for both eating out, or ordering for delivery. Taste one of their specialty pizzas, or switch it up with a custom pie as well. 

In the words of the former Twitter account for Pizza, “People are so fake. Pizza is so real.” Happy National Pizza Day!

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