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Featured Venue: Virginia Credit Union Baseball Stadium

The Virginia Credit Union Stadium, home of the Fredericksburg Nationals, opened for the Minor League Baseball season in 2021. The new 5,000 seat Stadium has multiple uses for non-game day events and sports. With a turf field made out of shaved coconut husks and sand that keeps the field cooler than other traditional surfaces, a large variety of sports and events are possible throughout the year. The Stadium also features LED lights through the facility and solar-powered lighting in the parking lot.  On-site concessions, lockers rooms, batting cages, and as well as several different event spaces around the Stadium are options for different events.

The Fredericksburg National Baseball Games are played from April – September. Events can be held on non-game days.

Meeting Spaces in Virginia Credit Union Baseball Stadium

Batting Cages & Field Suite
Reception Occupancy: 60
Club Room
Square Footage: 6000
Banquet Occupancy: 200
Reception Occupancy: 200
Clubhouse – Home Side
Square Footage: 1600
Reception Occupancy: 80
Clubhouse – Visitor Side
Square Footage: 970
Reception Occupancy: 60
Square Footage: 50000
Reception Occupancy: 5000
Square Footage: 100000
Theater Occupancy: 3000
Banquet Occupancy: 3000
Reception Occupancy: 3000
Full Stadium
Square Footage: 300000
Theater Occupancy: 7000
Luxury Suites
Square Footage: 375
Reception Occupancy: 25
Additional information about event spaces is available at

Contact Fredericksburg Nationals and Virginia Credit Union Stadium
Ally Chism, Special Events & Hospitality Manager
(540) 681-1521
42 Jackie Robinson Way, Fredericksburg, VA 22401
For group tickets to a game, minimum 20 people, please contact Director of Ticketing, David Woodard [email protected]