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6 Bears & A Goat Brewing Company

6 Bears & A Goat is a full-service kitchen that offers three different menus weekly: brunch, lunch, and dinner. Each menu is distinct and has something for everyone. All the menus were written with the same three principles in mind. First, keep the menu beer-centric, including 6B&G beer within the recipes as well as making sure the food pairs well with our brews. Everything from the sauces, glazes, and batters to the crust on the desserts all contain 6B&G beer. Second, buy as much as we can from local farms for enduring sustainability. Lastly, we make as much as we can in-house from scratch.

The 6 Bears & A Goat menu contains fish, steak, burgers, wings, and shellfish carefully crafted to order. If you are looking for something lighter, we offer several delicious and unique salads, pastas, and other lighter fare. There are even plenty of options for folks with dietary restrictions.

The menu is constantly evolving with rotational options like house risottos, soups of the day, fish of the day, and gourmet burger night to name a few. Also, the chef likes to edit and update the menu based on seasonal availability of produce every few months to keep things fresh and interesting.

Along with delicious local and homemade food on the menu, we also offer gourmet Valentines’ Day dinners and 5-course beer pairings where the chefs are able to show off their culinary skills. If you are planning an event at the brewery, there is also a catering menu to suit parties both large and small.

Burger and Fries from 6 Bears & A Goat
Contact 6 Bears & A Goat Brewing Company
(540) 356-9056
1140 International Parkway, Fredericksburg, VA, USA