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Rex Rappahannock opens on Frederick Street.

Rex RappahannockWhen we interviewed Heather Gardner, the owner and operator of Rex Rappahannock, a guest came into the new store to donate a substantial amount of books. She went through each book and detailed the significance that they have had on her life and faith. For Gardner, this type of passion and generosity exemplifies why she feels that a store like Rex Rappahannock is so essential for the Fredericksburg community. 

“It’s very humbling to be entrusted with something,” Gardner said about the donation of books to Rex Rappahannock. “These books mean a lot to her…she wants to be able gift them to a lot of people.” 

Rex Rappahannock is a Christian bookstore that recently opened on Frederick Street, with a primary focus on Catholic books and materials. Gardner felt that there is a need for a local bookstore that is more accessible to the Catholic and Christian community. The name originates from the Latin word for “king”: Rex. Gardner works meticulously to sell goods and books from religious orders, such as monasteries and convents.

Gardner said that guests have already enjoyed finding these books in-person. She has a background in working in rare books, and feels that combining her experience with her faith is insightful and rewarding. 

“The written word is so important to me,” Gardner said. “The right book will reach the right person at the right time.”

Gardner hopes that Rex Rappahannock can become a hub for the local community, and wants to be a resource for Christian events, charities, and information. She said that many guests have thanked her for opening the store, as there are not similar stores open nearby. 

“It’s not just my store,” she said, “it’s everybody’s.”

Rex Rappahannock is located at 311 Frederick Street. Follow them on Facebook.