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Sippin’ Pop opens in Made In Virginia Store

Sippin' Pop ownersIf you have walked by Made In Virginia Store since Saturday, you may have noticed a popcorn machine and two televisions in the window. While the store has not turned into a movie theater (although movies do play on the previously mentioned TVs), part of it has turned into a new gourmet soda shop called Sippin’ Pop

Nicole Shaw and Natalie Booren, sisters and co-owners of Made In Virginia Store, came up with the concept for Sippin’ Pop over four years ago. Sippin’ Pop was their initial idea for the store, and now they have the perfect opportunity to share their concept with the Fredericksburg community. 

Sippin’ Pop’s items consist of sodas, energy drinks, and other beverages that can be mixed with other flavors such as creams, candies, and purees to make what Shaw calls “Gourmet Sips.”

“We have tried-and-true recipes that are based upon the sips that people love already,” Booren said, also noting that they offer ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ options for guests to mix-and-match their recipes. 

All of the drinks, the names of which are based off of classic film lines (such as ‘Need For Speed” and “I’m the Captain”), come with a small popcorn box. Sippin’ Pop also sells local baked goods such as brownies and sugar cookies, as well as pretzels and larger boxes of popcorn. They additionally offer punch cards, which can be used every time you make a purchase at Sippin’ Pop; ten punches earns you a Signature Sip. 

Sippin’ Pop is a lovely, unique addition to the gourmet shops of Fredericksburg, and is located in Made In Virginia Store at 920 Caroline Street. Follow them on Instagram