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Suad’s Majles opens on Princess Anne Street

Suad McClain - Suad's MajlesSuad McClain is excited to welcome everyone in Fredericksburg to her majles, which is Arabic for ‘living room.’ As the owner of Suad’s Majles, McClain specializes in unique, delicious Bahraini desserts. 

McClain moved from Bahrain to Hawaii in 2003, where she went to culinary school and perfected the recipes of her home country and family. Three years ago she moved to Stafford, and as of this week, she is the proud owner of a local Fredericksburg business. 

“It’s a friendly place,” McClain said of Fredericksburg.

In Hawaii, McClain started a cheesecake business called In the Jar by Suad in 2015, where she focused on private and pop-up events. Since she was nine years old, she always dreamt of owning a coffee shop and bakery. Many of McClain’s baked goods are inspired by the recipes of her grandma, such as her basbousas and three-layer cake. She is excited to have opened her brick and mortar business in Fredericksburg, as she is a firm believer in supporting local businesses. 

“This is home,” McClain said. “You support your people.”

As an avid traveler, McClain said that Fredericksburg reminds her of London and other European cities. She fell in love with Fredericksburg even more once she started to meet the local business owners, who made her feel welcome in the city. McClain considers herself a very social person, and loves to host guests in her living room. Now, with Suad’s Majles, she has the opportunity to welcome people to her living room as a career. Suad’s Majles is McClain’s passion, and she is excited to provide her delicious desserts to Fredericksburg. 

“I want my customers to come here and feel home,” she said. 

Suad’s Majles is located at 2619 Princess Anne Street.