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Take the Amtrak and VRE to FXBG

carriage in front of visitor centerAs one of the final stops on the Virginia Railway Express (VRE) southbound route, and as one of the stops on the East Coast Amtrak lines, there is no better destination-by-rail than Fredericksburg. Should you choose to visit Fredericksburg for a trip, here are some spots to visit that are within walking distance from Fredericksburg Station:

  1. Fredericksburg Visitor Center (.2 miles) – Once you hop off the train, swing by the Visitor Center, located at 706 Caroline Street, to learn more about the premiere locations to visit while in Fredericksburg, as well to purchase tickets for the Trolley Tour. You can also purchase the XPass to visit many of the local museums including Historic Kenmore (.9 miles), Hugh Mercer Apothecary Shop (.4 miles), Mary Washington House (.6 miles), and the Fredericksburg Area Museum (.4 miles).
  2. Fredericksburg Battlefield (1.1 miles) – The site of the infamous Battle of Fredericksburg is an essential location to visit for a day in the city. Learn more about the Union and Confederate Armies’ battleplans, and walk the hallowed grounds of this pivotal moment in the Civil War. You can take a stop at Eats Burgers (.4 miles) on your way back to the station. 
  3. Riverfront Park (.3 miles) – Accompanied by a stunning view of the Rappahannock River, head over to this lovely park on Sophia Street. The fountains and playground are perfect for young children, and the dock is perfect for riverfront pics! On the way to Riverfront Park you can enjoy lunch at Brock’s Riverside Grill (450 ft), where you can watch the VRE and Amtrak trains ride by from the outdoor patio. 
  4. Riverby Books (.3 miles) – This used book store on Caroline Street is close to Fredericksburg Station, and is a cost-effective way to purchase some rare, unique books. You can spend hours in this gorgeous store, pouring over the shelves to find the perfect summer reads. And head over to Sammy T’s Restaurant (.3 miles) right next door for lunch. 
  5. Art Galleries – Only a few stores down from the Fredericksburg Visitor Center is Ponshop Studio (.2 miles), a beloved local art gallery. Enjoy Ponshop and the other art galleries of downtown Fredericksburg including LibertyTown Arts Workshop (.6 miles), Art First Gallery (.3 miles), Artful Dimensions (.4 miles). Also check out Duly Noted (.2 miles), a greeting card store right next door to Ponshop. 
  6. Local Coffee Shops – Less than a three minute walk from Fredericksburg Station are 25 30 Espresso and Agora Downtown, two wonderful coffee shops within 350 feet each. You can also purchase local, delicious coffee from Katora Coffee (700 feet), Italian Station (800 feet), Curitiba Art Cafe (.4 miles) and Hyperion Espresso (.5 miles). 
  7. Ice Cream – No summer trip is complete without delicious ice cream, and a Fredericksburg staple like Abner B’s (.3 miles) is a close, delicious option. If you are willing to venture further into downtown, you can also enjoy ice cream from Blue Cow (.6 miles) and Carl’s Frozen Custard (1.3 miles).
  8. Many, MANY restaurants – Whether you are in the mood for a quick slice of pizza from Benny Vitali’s (.2 miles) or a sit-down meal at a chef-owned restaurant like the award-winning Foode (.4 miles), the food scene is one of the primary reasons to visit Fredericksburg. Within walking distance are incredible restaurant options such as Agave (.4 miles), Rebellion (.5 miles), and Soup & Taco (.3 miles)..
  9. Boutiques – Fredericksburg is home to a number of local, renowned boutiques including Peacaloo, Lady Legacy and Heather, all of which are within .2 miles of Fredericksburg Station. Also take a peek at other stores in downtown such as Latitudes Fair Trade (.3 miles). 
  10. Lodging – There are two lodging options within .2 miles of Fredericksburg Station:  Richard Johnston Inn and Courtyard Marriott.

There are endless ways to enjoy a weekend (or week) in Fredericksburg, and as you bask in the gorgeous views of the Potomac River on your train ride home, you will be thrilled with your day spent in this wonderful city. Follow VisitFXBG on Facebook