Visitor Center Art Gallery

The VC Art Gallery is nestled at 706 Caroline Street in the heart of our community! Our auditorium proudly presents an array of captivating artworks, all masterfully crafted by local artists. Explore the vibrant tapestry of our community’s creative spirit as you engage with the pieces on display.

Current Show Dates: Friday, September 1 – Sunday, October 1, 2023

Featured Artists

Dolores Williams Bumbrey

Dolores Williams Bumbrey is a visual artist who lives and works in Fredericksburg, Virginia. A native of Virginia, her colorful paintings pay homage to her southern and faith-based background, capturing the calmness of nature and the peace that can be found through the sacred elements of landscapes.

As a child, Dolores displayed signs of innate artist talent in both drawing and painting. Bob Ross was a major artistic influence and ignited Dolores’ passion for creativity and engagement with landscapes. She states, “I want my work to provide a temporary calmness and escape to the viewer in a world full of chaos. Before I paint, I always pray that my work will give individuals a sense of peaceful tranquility.”

The artist is skilled in several different mediums and art forms which include oil and acrylic painting and graphite pencil drawing. She was featured in Suzanne S. Youngkin, First Lady of Virginia, Sisterhood Spotlight in 2022. Dolores’ exhibitions include those in the Darbytown Studio Gallery, the Fredericksburg Center Creative Arts (FCCA) – Celebrating Black Artists Exhibit (February 2023), and the Fredericksburg Area Museum (FAM) – SEEN: Viewing the Work of African-American Artists in Fredericksburg, Virginia (March-December 2023). Additionally, you can find her art in numerous private collections and businesses.

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Charlotte Greene Richards

Charlotte Richards is an award-winning artist who lives in the Fredericksburg area. She exhibits her artwork at the Fredericksburg Center for the Creative Arts, where she also serves as a docent.

A retired high school art teacher, Charlotte taught in Spotsylvania County for nearly 40 years. In 1991, she was honored as the Virginia Art Education Association’s High School Art Teacher of the Year.

She holds a Master’s degree in interdisciplinary Studies in Painting and Crafts from Virginia Commonwealth University and B.S. degree in Studio Art from Appalachian State University

Charlotte says “Painting is a constant series of making decisions. It is a balancing act of knowing and following the rules as well as breaking some of them. I approach each painting with an an open mind and a love of experimentation. I take the painting up to a certain point, choosing to leave unfinished areas for the viewer’s imagination. By taking risks and breaking some of the rule. I chose to be innovative and original. I choose to color outside the lines.”

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Please join the artists for an opening reception.

Date: Friday, September 1
Time: 5pm – 7pm
Address: 706 Caroline Street

Upcoming Call for Artists for the VC Art Gallery

blue bench in the park with 2 ghosts sitting on the bench. One ghose is playing the guitar and one ghost is sipping coffee.

October Show (Oct 5 -29)

Explore the world of upcycled art with a Halloween spin.

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