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What’s New in Fredericksburg – March 2023

FAMAs highlighted throughout the past month, March has been filled with new, exciting announcements in Fredericksburg. Here is what’s new in Fredericksburg for March:

  1. Fun Land of Fredericksburg debuted two new rides: Patriot Plunge and The Flip Side. Patriot Plunge is a spinning drop tower, and The Flip Side is a thrill ride that goes upside down while spinning. Learn more about these amazing rides at Destination FXBG
  2. Fredericksburg Area Museum (FAM) has re-opened to the public for the 2023 season, and with it they have released three new exhibits: Stomp: FXBC, which details the history of dinosaurs in Virginia, SEEN, which covers the work of African American artists in Fredericksburg, and Kiwanis, about the international service organization in the Fredericksburg chapter. 
  3. To the joy and cheers of many in Fredericksburg, Southern Bagel & Provision has opened on Caroline Street. Swing by for some delicious, New York-style bagels. 
  4. Central Park has become home to two new, highly-anticipated businesses: Extended Stay and TJ Maxx. Enjoy shopping for stylish, discounted clothes while staying at an affordable, beautiful new hotel. 

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