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Where to get hot chocolate in Fredericksburg

With the chilly season upon us, many residents and visitors will be searching for the best hot drinks during these cold days and nights. And there is no better drink for the winter months than a piping hot chocolate. But in Fredericksburg, Ovaltine is for amateurs. We are fortunate enough to be home to a number of shops who make their own hot cocoa, and many will be selling these delicious drinks exclusively through the winter. If you are out and about here is where to get hot chocolate in Fredericksburg:

  1. 25 30 Espresso: In addition to their traditional recipe, this local coffee roaster is bringing their Latin American flare even to hot chocolate. With the additional ingredient of cayenne pepper for a little kick, their Mexican Hot Chocolate is sure to provide you with that extra heat that could only be concocted by the masterminds at 25 30. You better hurry though, as they will only be selling hot chocolate until Black Friday!
  2. Abner Butterfield Ice Cream Company: Not only does Abner B’s Ice Cream make the best Ice Cream around–right in the shop–you can also get a great cup of Abner B’s coffee or Abner B’s recipe hot chocolate made with the same great cocoa in their rich and creamy ice creams, topped with whipped cream and “magic cocoa dust” on request.
  3. Agora Downtown: This classic coffee shop (and self-proclaimed ‘labor of love’) is the perfect place to sample some delicious hot chocolate. With their mouthwatering in-house recipe, Agora is the perfect spot to drink hot chocolate in one hand, and read (and/or buy) one of their countless used books in the other.
  4. Curitiba Art Cafe – This cafe and cocktail bar on Caroline Street not only sells hot chocolate; they make their own hot chocolate mix. Swing by for a casual meeting or study group, and sip on their delicious homemade hot chocolate.
  5. Freddy Donuts: This local favorite is selling more than just donuts this Holiday Season, but delicious hot chocolate as well. However, that is not the only item that Freddy Donuts is excited to share: take home one of their homemade Cocoa Bombs, chocolate balls that will dissolve into hot chocolate before your eyes. It’s like a bath bomb, but drinkable!
  6. Fredericksburg Cupcake: Residents have savored these flavorful cupcakes for years. But starting in December, you can enjoy your Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla cupcake with a cup of hot chocolate as well. The two, or any of their cupcake flavors for that matter, will make for a perfect combination.
  7. Here and Abroad Bistro and Bakery: When Punxsutawney Phil inevitably sees his shadow this upcoming February, you can watch with a cup of hot chocolate from Here and Abroad. This local bakery will be selling hot chocolate through the winter months.
  8. Hyperion Espresso: Like many of their tasty drinks, Hyperion has blessed us with a delicious in-house recipe for hot chocolate. Their chocolate milk and whipped cream is made from scratch, providing each of you with the warmth needed during the winter winds.
  9. Italian Station: This slice of Italy off of Caroline Street has always been a prime destination for both coffee and pastries. But Italian Station will be providing a unique hot chocolate, made in-house and best served with any one of their flaky, fresh baked delights.
  10. Katora Coffee: We’ve always valued Katora as not only a wonderful coffee shop, but the perfect spot to check our unhealthy habits at the door. This winter, Katora is bringing us two vegan recipes: white and dark hot chocolate. Served with sea salt and cinnamon, perhaps nothing sounds more appetizing and inviting to us than a dark hot chocolate.

Swing by one of these delightful establishments, or partake in tasting all of them. Either way, our city has more than enough hot chocolate to go around. Whether you let the hot chocolate cool or let it burn, we are here to serve you a tasty cup of sweetness!