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Women’s History Month in Fredericksburg

Fredericksburg is known for its successful and local small businesses. What many do not realize, however, is that a number of these businesses are owned, or operated, by some of the most impressive women in the commonwealth of Virginia. These women are as determined as they are revered, and have contributed, more than anybody, to the substantial economic growth in Fredericksburg. Women are the foundation of this economy and lifestyle, which is why Women’s History Month in Fredericksburg is a time to acknowledge, respect, and celebrate these icons.

In that spirit, the City of Fredericksburg will be consistently highlighting these strong, successful women throughout the month of March. Some of these women are business owners, and some are volunteers. Some are plumbers, and some are government consultants. Regardless, each of the women we highlight have made a significant, tremendous impact on the City of Fredericksburg, and to that end, they deserve to have a spotlight shine on their achievements.

Read about extraordinary Fredericksburg women, whose strength and vision have enriched our cultural fabric and propelled our community forward.