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Women’s History Month – Maureen Bartosh, 25 30 Espresso

Maureen Bartosh 25 30 EspressoMaureen Bartosh is in her 18th year as Founder and Owner of 25 30 Espresso, which opened in December of 2007. After relocating from Phoenix, where Bartosh operated a restaurant, she opened 25 30 as the only coffee shop in the Darbytown neighborhood of Fredericksburg. 

Bartosh loves that each of the Downtown Fredericksburg coffee shops is unique and different, and effectively complement each other. She believes that the shops empower each other, and are willing to work together to lift up the local coffee shop industry. 

25 30 is known and revered for roasting its own coffee, from farms that are either women-owned or women-run. Bartosh loves experimenting with the different flavor notes and nuances of coffee, which she considers through the density and moisture of the coffee bean. Bartosh also provides grant money to improve working conditions for women-owned farms, through organizations such as Cafe Feminino

As Bartosh noted, many of the countries with plentiful coffee farms are operated by women, as the men have gone to war. But when these women bring their product to market, they are given a lesser price because of their gender. Having experienced gender inequality in her career as well, Bartosh is working hard to improve the working conditions for these women farmers. 

“I just want everything to be fair,” Bartosh said. She strives to convey to her staff members, many of whom are women, that a strong work ethic and determination can lead to success. Bartosh emphasizes that in order to succeed as a woman business owner, they need to be taken more seriously. She encourages women to network and improve the skills needed to succeed in their respective industries. 

“Dive in there,” Bartosh said. “Get it done.”

25 30 Espresso is located at 400 Princess Anne Street. Follow them on Facebook.

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