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Women’s History Month – Scarlett Pons, Ponshop Studio

WHM - Scarlett Pons PonshopScarlett Pons has co-owned Ponshop Studio in Fredericksburg with her husband, Gabriel, for almost two decades. Ponshop, an art gallery that has been open on Caroline Street since 2010, has been a career, and passion project, for the two of them since they met as students at Virginia Tech. 

Both Scarlett and Gabriel initially majored in architecture at VT, but found a love for artistic expression while in college; for Scarlett, her passion was pottery. While working as an architect in Brooklyn, Scarlett continued to delve into the art of ceramics and pottery. Over time, her professional path would transition into her artistic love. After living and working in Brooklyn for seven years, Scarlett and Gabriel moved back to Scarlett’s hometown of Fredericksburg, where they opened up a studio in LibertyTown Arts Workshop, and eventually moved to their current brick and mortar gallery on Caroline Street. 

Scarlett said that she has had a wonderful experience as a woman business owner in Fredericksburg. She believes that the support and opportunities that she has received for Ponshop are a clear example of how so many women have opened businesses in Fredericksburg, and draws inspiration from women such as Beth Black and Joy Crump of Foode, and Aby Bethem of the former burger bar Vivify. 

One of the most inspirational people in Scarlett’s life is her childhood (and current) neighbor, who was one of the first professional women she had ever known: Paula Hamm, an interior designer. The image of Paula’s work, and her career, has stuck with Scarlett as to what it means to be a professional woman.

Scarlett has learned to strike a clear balance when it comes to working in her passion. She has recognized how transitioning her art into her career can occasionally affect her creative freedom, but she emphasized that these limits are not a burden. It allows her and Gabriel to pay the bills; that being said, she makes sure to check in with herself at least once a year, to make sure that she is not completely sacrificing her creativity. 

“You’ve gotta make sure that making money doesn’t overshadow your creative process,” Scarlett.

Along with Gabriel, Scarlett has demonstrated what it takes to succeed as a professional artist, and with Ponshop, they are an inspiration to those who hope to follow in their footsteps. 

Ponshop Studio is located at 712 Caroline Street. Follow them on Facebook.