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Candy Coated Dreams at LibertyTown Arts Workshop

Pete and CarolineThis Friday, August 5th, head over to LibertyTown Arts Workshop at 916 Liberty Street to experience an abundance of color from two local artists. Candy Coated Dreams, an art show by Caroline Q. Murphy and Pete Morelewicz, will open during this First Friday, and continue through August 28th. While their work is far from similar, what pairs theart of Murphy and Morelewicz is their beautiful use and vast array of color, which is the theme of Candy Coated Dreams.

Morelewicz, owner of Print Jazz, focuses on sharp, graphic art. His partnership with Murphy is unique in that her style is based on painting, and differs substantially from the work of Morelewicz. However, once they began to share a studio, the two connected off of their love of artistic expression. They have always asked for feedback from guests of, particularly what words best describe each of their art forms. 

“The ones that are most common are ‘bright, lavish, colorful, colorful, colorful,’” Morelewicz said. It was in that spirit that Murphy and Morelewicz decided to unify Candy Coated Dreams around the consistent theme of color. All of the artwork is new, conceived entirely for the show. Each piece will be on canvas, and the same size of 4ftx3ft. Murphy noted that many guests say they experience joy when viewing her art, and hopes that she can bring that feeling to Candy Coated Dreams. 

As a unit, Murphy is excited for the cohesive experience of Candy Coated Dreams. Morelewicz said that their specific focus on certain colors has provided their art with, as he puts it, “the full rainbow.” While they were careful not to spoil the work that will be displayed at Candy Coated Dreams, they emphasized how unified each of their pieces are as a whole. 

“Color is everything to me,” Murphy said, emphasizing how her instinctive, spontaneous work is exemplified by the colors she utilizes. Morelewicz’s approach to his art is structured and planned before the colors come in, but he uses colors to convey the emotion of the piece. As a digital artist, he finds himself constantly re-coloring his work until it completes his artistic vision. Both Murphy and Morelewicz are excited for guests to see how their approaches to color both compare and contrast in each of their forms of art. 

“Being a part of something that brings people happiness, which is why I do art,” Morelewicz said, “that’s all I need.”

Candy Coated Dreams will be held at the front of LibertyTown Arts Workshop from August 5th-28th.