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Six Coffee Shops in Fredericksburg

outside of katora coffeeA city such as Fredericksburg would be nothing without a variety of delicious coffee shops. In the 40 blocks of downtown, here are six wonderful coffee shops in Fredericksburg:

  1. 25 30 Espresso – This homey coffee shop next door to Fredericksburg Station is a delicacy to many residents and guests of the city, with delicious styles such as Barrel Aged Honduras, Time Travel, and Cold Brew. 
  2. Agora Coffee Downtown – This beloved shop on Caroline Street has not only delicious coffees, but used books as well. Swing by Agora to purchase an espresso, and the novel that you’ve been looking for since 2009 (we hope!). 
  3. Curitiba Art Cafe – Fredericksburg’s Brazilian-inspired cafe is known for its teas, hot chocolate, and coffee options. In addition, on Saturday nights, you can enjoy live music and cocktails at Curitiba, after dark until 10pm. 
  4. Hyperion Espresso – At the corner of Princess Anne Street and William Street resides Hyperion, a Fredericksburg staple since 1994. This coffee shop has a variety of delicious options, including Titan Blend, their house coffee. 
  5. Italian Station – Owner Anita Crossfield has brought a European flair to Fredericksburg with Italian Station, from its revered macchiatos, to its scrumptious pastries, to its delicious sandwiches. Located in the same building as the Courtyard Marriott, Italian Station is never to be missed. 
  6. Karota Coffee – Katora is one of the more unique businesses in Fredericksburg, which makes it all the more reason to check out. How is it unique? It’s vegan! Enjoy their organic coffee or dark hot chocolate, and check out their events such as Open Mic Wednesday or Spoken Word Poetry. Katora also has a location at the University of Mary Washington

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