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A Guys Getaway in Fredericksburg

1781 BrosIn the City of Fredericksburg, there are nonstop things to do as a group, which we have highlighted for couples, history buffs, and even for a ladies’ weekend. But what about the dudes? If you are planning your bachelor party, your birthday, or just a weekend with the gents, here are some ways to enjoy a guys getaway in Fredericksburg:

  1. Catch a FredNats game – One of Fredericksburg’s proudest institutions, the Fredericksburg Nationals, are back in season. Swing by the glorious Virginia Credit Union Stadium to enjoy some burgers, beer, and baseball. Don’t forget to take a picture with Gus, the iconic FredNats mascot. 
  2. Embark on the Fredericksburg Area Beer Trail – The ten breweries that make up the FAB Trail are revered, crunchy, and delicious. These breweries include Barley Naked in Stafford, Strangeways Brewing in Fredericksburg, and the recently-opened Log Home right by Lake Anna. Swing by as many breweries as you can manage, and make sure to savor the extraordinary craft beer at each stop. Learn more about the FAB Trail at FXBG After Dark
  3. Rent a kayak at the Virginia Outdoor Center – Or a tube, or a canoe, or a paddle board. The Virginia Outdoor Center on the Rappahannock River is a great spot to experience the nature of Fredericksburg. What says guys getaway more than canoeing in matching life jackets?
  4. Sip on some smooth bourbon – For all of you bourbon lovers out there, Fredericksburg is home to two revered bourbon bars: Rebellion and The Chimney Top at Billiken’s Smokehouse, where you can enjoy pristinely distilled spirits. Or, if you want to keep it local, book a tasting at A. Smith Bowman, the oldest distillery in Virginia. 
  5. Race on go-kartsFun Land of Fredericksburg is home to the only three-story go-kart track in Virginia, and is a great way to finally settle who is the best driver in the group. And just for kicks, check out the two brand-new rides at Fun Land
  6. Eat a Bro-Brunch – A guys getaway wouldn’t be complete without eggs benedict with extra hollandaise. Thankfully, Fredericksburg is home to some restaurants with delicious brunch. Order the hash browns extra crispy. 
  7. Tour the Fredericksburg Battlefields – The four Civil War battlefields in, and surrounding, Fredericksburg are rich with history, and are a great way to learn more about how this city was protected and preserved. Fredericksburg Battlefield is right outside downtown, and is where you all can argue whose military strategy would have won for the Union Army. 
  8. Scale the walls of Rapp Rocks – This gorgeous climbing gym right outside Fredericksburg is daunting, yet fun. You can free solo on one side, and harness in on the other. Either way, the guys will love such an excursion, especially if it includes a FAB Trail trip to Maltese Brewing, located next door. 
  9. Relive your childhood at Reclaim ArcadeReclaim is the perfect spot to embarrass your friends with your Galaga and pinball skills. This retro arcade is one of the most fun spots in Fredericksburg, and is home to hundreds of games. Try to play every game before you leave. To be clear, you won’t…challenge accepted?
  10. Enjoy the weather at an outdoor bar – Spring means drinks outside, particularly now that the outdoor bars are open in Fredericksburg. Enjoy the rooftop bars of Castiglia’s and Vivify Burger Lounge, or the gorgeous patios of Wild Hare Cider Pub and Curitiba Art Cafe

Enjoy Fredericksburg, gentlemen. Learn more of the Fredericksburg happenings on Facebook.