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FXBG After Dark – Wild Hare Cider Pub

Wild Hare GlassIt is an Autumn tradition to partake in the occasional cider. Yes, I mean apple cider. It is delicious and refreshing. But let us not forget the deliciousness of a fermented dry cider. That is why last Friday, a brisk October evening, my friends and I made our way to Wild Hare Cider Pub on William St. to enjoy some delicious ciders in the spirit of fall.

Having been to Wild Hare many times since its opening in May, I was thrilled to see it bustling with guests. I bought the dessert-flavored A La Mode cider for my girlfriend, Marissa, and a habanero-flavored Firebelly cider for myself. While vastly different in flavor, both ciders were crisp, dry (a focus of ciders at Wild Hare), and fermented perfectly. As always, we were more than impressed. 

After being served by the always reliable bartender Martin (who is also Wild Hare’s trivia master), we made our way onto one of the most spacious and beautiful courtyards in downtown Fredericksburg. To our surprise, an amazing band was performing. We sat on the patio, enjoying the lively music and chill atmosphere. The success of Wild Hare can be described not only by their delicious ciders, but their stunning location. 

The bartenders of Wild Hare have already made a reputation as efficient and experienced. They, and the owners of the cidery, have done an extraordinary job of creating an environment that is as fast-paced as it is comfortable and fun. I feel incredibly lucky that the first cidery to open in Fredericksburg is Wild Hare; it is the perfect spot to spend a weekend night. Swing by until 10pm on Fridays and Saturdays to enjoy the ciders ambience that Wild Hare provides.

Wild Hare hosts Trivia Nights on Wednesdays at 7pm. Follow them on Facebook.